Positive Eagle Soar Inc. - Company Message

                                  PLUSES AND MINUSES

      "I'm treating you as a friend, asking you to share my
        present minuses in the hope that I can ask you to
        share my future pluses."

                                     -----Katherine Mansfield----


     I like this quote so much I decided to keep it another
month. Mr. Henry Ford did a small quote on , "Just one thing."
     He said , Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into
small jobs."  To me this sounded like teamwork. Why can't we
as smart people moving from threoy to practice. Try it
we might like it.

       Asking someone for help and support-or even accepting
help and support that we didn't ask for-honors the other person.
We are all vulnerable in one way or another, and we rely on our
friends not to exploit our vulnerabilities. We trust them to
accept both our pluses and minuses.

        Offering trust means offering friendship as well. I'm lucky
to have friends who let me cry on their shoulders without
impatient-and who laugh with me when I'm joyful. I'm lucky 
or shall I say blessed to have few good friends. And I'll be a
good friend as well. They're the friends who know us-in both
our good and bad moments-and love us as we are.


                           TRAVEL WITH ANGELS 
                           ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER