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Americanism in Motion is a challenge that I love, being a Disabled Combat Vietnam Veteran. My favorite spiritual numbers are (3 -7 - 12). The three years from 2019 - 2021 were quite challenging.  In 2019 I was treated for cancer and now 0% clean. From 2020 to 202I,

the pandemic hit and made it hard to get funding to keep program going and I had to move into a single level house for health reasons. But 2022 renewed vision to SOAR. Started new program July o1, 2022 which is the 7th month and independence month. The number 12 is how many American Flags folded by Dover Air Force Base Honor Guards put in wood cases and given out to individuals and positive businesses displaying a positive American attitude, uplifting the American morale. 

   My true inspiration as an Ordained Minister/Chaplain is found in Isaiah: 28 -31. But those who wait on the LORD, wait not meaning sit in a chair , but to be of service, help others. 2 Corinthians 5:7, (WE walk by faith not by sight.) I am a strong believer in moving from theory to practice. Starting up takes funds and you can make donations to or gofundmemrpositive on my site or gofundme/u/3siksy. Google me chaplain Al Positive Kraft.Thank you and read my stories in spirituality at end if my website. 

This young man made canes out of sticks found and put a pin stuck at top branch of service. and give them to needy veterans.

These are some of the Honor Guards that fold my flags.

This is one of the volunteer Firemen from Milford. I also gave Milford Police Department one for starting taking Social worker on Domestic calls to cut back on stress. 

This was given to a boy scout selling cookies and popcorn at Smyrna Dinner in Smyrna DE He was very polite and his mother was helping him.

This is the owner of Walls Auto Service in Milford DE. This young man renders professional service the old school way. This is something you don't find that often today.

This is the type of wood Flag I give as a positive inspiration. The Flag you can't buy. you have to be a deceased veteran. This represents the cost of freedom which came with a cost. The individuals and businesses that have earned one at this time proudly show their Flag to inspire positive morale. Donations appreciated to continue this LOVE. MORE PICTURES TO COME .

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