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(ROMANS 5:1-11)

    For years, the nearest I came to glorying in tribulations was to mutter, "Well, praise the LORD anyway!" I felt that my complaining was usually justified.After all, who needs pain and frustration? I certainly didn't, I thought. But GOD thought differently.

    The LORD knew that I needed to change and grow spiritually. In ROMANS 5:3-4,(Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character hope.) Paul taught that life's predicaments can produce godly character in us. Our complaining hinders GOD'S work.

Here are some suggestions or shall I say lessons that I have learned for overcoming a complaining attitude:

1/Remember that your troubles did not take GOD by surprise. HE is still in control.

2/ Believe that GOD has a solution, a provision, or a gift of wisdom to match your difficulty.

3/ Pray, affirming your faith in GOD and expressing your confidence in HIS loving purpose for you.

4/ Wait with expectancy and availability, trusting GOD to work out HIS perfect will.

5/ Praise HIM - even before HE acts.

    This alternative to complaining gives GOD an opportunity to work creatively, both in us and in our circumstances. Best of all, even if circumstances don't change, HE uses them to change us. I recommend it!

P.S: Don't complain about thorns among Roses; Be grateful for Roses among thorns.

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