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"Jesus said, "woman, you have great faith! "----MATTHEW 15:28

     The above scripture tells a story of a great faith and great persistence, and sometimes I short myself because I don't show much of either. I pray for something a few times and if nothing happens, simply believe God is saying no and turn my attention elsewhere. And sometimes give up too easily. I guess being human has its set backs.

     The above scripture shows just how a Canaanite woman, not a Jew, recognizes Jesus as the Messiah, the "Son of David". She shouts at Jesus, begs Him, dialogues with Him, humbles herself, and pays homage to Him. And because of the woman's faith and perseverance, Jesus drives the demons from her daughters body.

     Christ looks for that same kind of faith and spirit in you and me. Persistence and determination are qualities that surface in those who are committed to something or someone they believe in. I believe God wants to answer our prayers and asks that we come with sincerity, with faith even with the determination of the Canaanite woman. We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are.

     There may be times when we feel like giving up. Everyone has these moments. Life is an adventure, and sometimes it's an adventure that gets the better of us. But if we keep on, and we will keep on, around the next corner is something we haven't seen before. It could be something wonderful.

     Think of how children as seen in the cartoon above teamwork to wear the mother down with the "NO" answer. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't , but if you never try you'll never know, and kids are the best at this test of getting on your last nerve. Can I get an, "AMEN".

By Chaplain Mr. Positive

March 2014

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