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   We all know a veteran or have a veteran in our family. If you do please ask this vet if they have the new VA, ID card. If they get VA benefits or if they do not get VA benefits, they should have a new VA card.

   DMV gives a card to vets for commercial discounts, and does not count them in the government system. Today people are wearing military uniforms and never served in the military at all, just to get the discount because they do not ask for ID if in uniform. They are cowards to steal the valor of the veterans that served. If a veteran goes on base in his or her car they have to show their ID. So now I think it important that everyone show proper ID to prove that they are real veterans and counted for.

   Let's stop the games and get registered in the Veterans Admin.(VA). The system is broken and now is the time to get your name in to prove you served so have and get your DD form 214. The vets know what I mean. When you see or get one of these cards please follow through and pass it on.




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