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    Having your cake and eating it too! Have you ever heard that analogy used in life? Well let's take a look at how you can in the spiritual picture.

    A major league baseball pitcher was having trouble. He started the season with a terrible record. After the mid-season break, through things begin to get better, he won four games in a row and suddenly became unhittable. When asked what was different, he replied, "Mechanics."

    In other words, he had corrected a bad habit in his pitching motion. After discovering the error, he practiced diligently to correct it. At first nothing felt right, but the longer he worked at it the better things got. The next time he pitched, his winning streak started.

    Do you recall the last time you tried to change a bad habit? It wasn't easy. Because you were comfortable with the old way, the new way seemed awkward. That's why we often hesitate to make needed changes. For example, maybe you speak words you shouldn't say. Or you are critical of people instead of helpful. Fill in your own wrong actions-we all have them.

     It takes conscious effort on our part and God's help to change. Sometimes that's not easy. But for God's glory and our own good we must make the effort. Let's be willing to change and patience should characterize the life of every believer who is trying to do God's will. By that, I mean patience to follow our game plan. If we do believe in it, we will wear the opposition down and will get to them. If we break away from our style, we're in trouble. And if we let our emotions command the game rather than our reason, we will not function effectively. I constantly caution my team, play your game, stick to your style, class will tell in the end. This does not mean that we will always outscore our opponent, but it does ensure that we will not beat ourselves.

    In PSALMS 37, God is saying, in effect,"DO WHAT'S RIGHT AND TRUST ME." " Regardless of how badly you may seem to be losing, just do my will and leave the outcome to me. I'll make sure that eventually you'll be the winner." Such a strategy will not only keep us from beating ourselves, it will lead to glorious victory! You can't lose if you stay with God's game plan. Then you can have your cake and eat it too.!

By Chaplain Mr. Positive

Written 2014

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