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    Who isn't inspired by a competitor who makes a comeback after being down and apparently out of the running! The runner who stumbles and falls but then gradually moves up on the pack and into the lead, stirs the imagination of us all.

    The same kind of inspiration motivates the Christian who draws courage from the example of his Lord and Savior. No one was ever more humiliated than JESUS before HE made a comeback. HE was insulted, spit upon, a whipped, beaten, and nailed to a cross. When HIS suffering was over, a spear was thrust into HIS side. HIS executioners confirmed their success and declared HIM dead. A military guard secured HIS tomb. How could anyone be more down and out than that?

    Yet that was not the end! Three days later, JESUS rose from the grave and reappeared too many of HIS followers. HE was the victor in the struggle over death, over sin, and over hell.

    Are you feeling out of the running today? Have you stumbled badly? Then look at JESUS' suffering. Look at HIS resurrection. Ask HIM to give you the victory. Just imagine what HE has to offer you, no matter how far down you are now! Our LORD is the great overcomer. JESUS died to save us and HE lives to keep us. Read (HEBREWS 12:1-17)

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