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    Growing up in the 1960's, I witnessed drastic changes in America society, particularly integration of the races. To heighten awareness of the civil rights, the march on Washington was scheduled for August 28, 1963. People from all over the United States gathered in Washington, D.C, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., delivered his, "I have a Dream," speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

    My family attended a Baptist Church, in Louisville, Ky., and I remember our pastor as a bold disciple for Jesus Christ. At worship the Sunday following the march on Washington, about half the congregation was absent. When some members ask where everyone was, someone told me our pastor had assisted some marchers that needed funds to return home from the march because they had to be there for history support. Many of our congregation did not agree with what he had done and his decision and so some of them never returned to our church.

    I remember being proud that my grandparents chose to support our pastor. In my eyes, he was a hero because of his commitment to obey Christ's command,"Love your neighbor as yourself," rather than compromise under pressure. I felt inspired even today to have witnessed God's Love through that pastor. This pastor taught us to stand with God when we love in spite of the cost. As I said before I was so inspired then that I still am inspired and I reach out to teach against racism and hatred against others that are different. In spite of the cost.

    The process of becoming more human, becoming a real person, and finding spiritual enlightenment are very similar. They require slow growth over time. We can only follow these paths in small steps, one day or one hour at a time. Many of us grew up in families that were somewhat dysfunctional. We, too, went to great excesses and have been abusive to ourselves and others. Because of these problems, we developed a distorted outlook on life and other cultures.

    Living in a society that demands quick and complete fixes for our shortcomings, it is a difficult path to learn, but we only take it in small steps. There are no instant fixes for any human being. Yet when we surrender to the reality of life, we are given the gift of true humanity. We feel like real people, we love others, and we enjoy the pleasures of true contact with them. We all need life, love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A basic kindness we can do for others is to help them protect their own sense of strength and value.

MARK 12:31 - "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

By Chaplain Mr.Positive

( 2014) 

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