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    The tittle of this illustration was the best and most embarrassing lesson that I learned on the job. Early in my sales career, I learned a harsh but valuable lesson about customer service. A man walked into the store I worked with an appearance of a street bum, a homeless person. His clothes looked as though they had not been washed in a week, and they smell surrounding him made a pig smell good.

    He was the only customer along with five salespeople, none who did not want to help him. After all we all wanted the good customers to come in to sell to. After he wandered around for about thirty minutes, I decided to see if he needed any help. I expected the usual brush off, but his response blew my mind. My ego took a huge hit when he told me I could have helped him twenty minutes ago.

    He counted out twenty one - hundred dollar bills. He proceeded to tell me that in no way was I selling him anything, and he left. It was easy to quickly judge others we run across in our lives. God says we should approach all people equally with HIS gospel in action. We should never hesitate. Remember the one whom we think won't listen just might - and be forever changed. To avoid an embarrassing fall, don't jump to a wrong conclusion.

( ACTS 11:9) - But the voice from heaven came again, "If GOD says something is acceptable, don't say it isn't".

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